ZF-6787: Error controller class name in module


When i create module

zf create module blog

and then controller in this module

zf create controller post 1 blog

i get error in class name

class PostController extends Zend_Controller_Action

but i should have

class Blog_PostController extends Zend_Controller_Action


Patch to prefix controllers created within modules with Module_

I don't know if there is a better place to format (ucfirst()) the module name? (Related to fix for ZF-6853)

Just Linking the issues.

I just applied this patch to the 1.9.3 code and it works just fine. I hope to see this included in the trunk soon.

This issue is related to ZF-7718

Fixed in incubator at r18600, will be part of the 1.10 release.

runnign 1.11.0

zf create module blog

creates application/modules/blog per the patch, but should it also create tests/application/modules/blog?

In the case of (see ZF-7121) zf create module admin zf create controller index index-action-included[=1] admin

tests/application/controllers/IndexControllerTest.php is overwritten, I would assume that it should create a tests/application/modules/admin/controllers/IndexControllerTest.php instead.