ZF-6813: setIdentity, setCredentials methods


Zend_Auth_Adapter_Ldap should support setIdentity, setCredentials methods as Zend_Auth_Db_Adapter. In reality all the auth adapters should setup in the same way.

What is the getResultRowObject method equivalent in Zend_Auth_Ldap ?

Thank you


Closed with SVN rev. 17434 in trunk.

Added Zend_Ldap_Auth_Adapter_Ldap::setIdentity() as a proxy to Zend_Ldap_Auth_Adapter_Ldap::setUsername() Added Zend_Ldap_Auth_Adapter_Ldap::setCredential() as a proxy to Zend_Ldap_Auth_Adapter_Ldap::setPassword()

Added Zend_Ldap_Auth_Adapter_Ldap::getAccountObject() to retrieve the account data for an authenticated user (resembles Zend_Ldap_Auth_Adapter_DbTable::getResultRowObject())