ZF-6824: if the user is not using a route paramater named action active pages dont register correctly.


If you define a route with a module + controller, zend_navigation_page_mvc cant recognize it as active. For instance if you create a route with module Foo and controller Bar, and then create a page with that module + controller it won't register in active breadcrumbs. If I do specify the default action parameter of index then it does work correctly. Trivial but a user may not be using a route param called action


This is a known issue with the routing subsystem, and is documented in the manual:…

It will be fixed in ZF 2.0 :)

Related to the routing/navigation.

Yeah I saw that, if the module + controller match, that should be 2/2 matched paramaters though. If there is no paramater named "action" for this route. Not sure if thats the same thing

Routing in ZF always resolves to a module, controller, and action. If a page/route does not contain any information on 'action', Zend_Navigation_Page_Mvc will not make any assumptions. This is a strict approach, used to prevent false positives (which would occur more frequently than the case is in this issue).

Hey Robin,

I meant more if the user had overridden the routing subsystem and their paradigm did not contain controller module or action ( for instance the Magento codebase completely overrode that subsystem ). I agree it may not be within the scope of the component though, thanks for following up.