ZF-6857: Zend_Navigation View Helper inconsistency


I have populated a Zend Navigation object (container with lots of pages) via an XML document and Zend_Config. I render navigation on my pages in two ways:

[1] To generate s kind of side menu, I use $this->navigation()->menu()->renderMenu($menuPortal, $menuOptions);

[2] To generate a breadcrumb trail, I use $this->navigation()->breadcrumbs()->setMinDepth(1)->setSeparator(' ▶' . PHP_EOL)

Both do (mostly) what I want. However, one of my page labels is 'Lunch&Learn'. The menu version renders the label with the & as an html entity (&). The breadcrumb version does not. Appears to be a bug.


I'll look into it and fix it later today.

Fixed in r16060.