ZF-6872: Reply-To support (encoding)


Reply-To field, when added with addHeader, is not encoded correctly if it contains non-Latin characters (I'm using UTF-8 charset).

There is no special function to add Reply-To field, so it's impossible to set the personal name and the address separately. But if they are set together and encoded together - I don't know if that complies with the standards, but at least MS Outlook doesn't understand the value correctly.


Hi, I hope you would use setHeaderEncoding(Zend_Mime::ENCODING_BASE64) before addHeader.

Probably, encoding problem could be solved.

Can you explain exactly what you are calling? Although i understand the problem, i'd like to see some sample snippet to verify that i understand the behaviour correctly.


I tried to set Reply-To field to this:


In Outlook the header looks like this:

Reply-To: =?UTF-8?Q?"J=C4=81nis"=20<mail-91-129-d61e832y789uc2fd6c@mailgate.?= =?UTF-8?Q?>?=

And when I click on "Reply", the receivers address is filled with this:

Jānis <=?UTF-8?Q? J=C4=81nis =20<mail-91-129-d61e832y789uc2fd6c@mailgate.?= =?UTF-8?Q?>?=>

I'm not sure, maybe it would even work, but at least it looks ugly and wrong. :)

Added new function setReplyTo(). It correctly encodes the Reply-To header with name.

Will be included in next minor release.