ZF-6874: Export spreadsheet in html


I have Zend FW v.1.8.2 and can`t request clean html version of gdata spreadsheet(xls). My code:

  $feed = $docs->getDocumentListFeed('…');
}catch (Zend_Exception $e) {
  echo $e->getMessage();
  return false;
$entry = $feed->getEntry();
$entry = $entry0];
$src = $entry->getContent()->getSrc();
  $response = $docs->get($src);
}catch(Zend_Exception $e) {
  echo $e->getMessage();
echo $response->getBody();

Value of $src - '…' Thus the correct query
under [Reference guide and it works with .doc-files, but when request export of .xls-files return the authorization page. I post this issue because in browser(authorized) the above query($src) works fine.


This is likely not a bug. You need a valid AuthSub/OAuth token to export spreadsheets:… " The server to use when downloading spreadsheets is (as opposed to Therefore the previous GET request would be sent to:…."

I would request a multi-scoped token for both and

Closing as "Not an issue".

As Eric mentioned, you likely need to request a mutli-scope token. If you continue to have problems after doing that, please feel free to update this issue with more information.