ZF-6883: getType, getName and getValue do not exist in Zend_Tool_Framework_Metadata_Dynamic


Fatal error: Class Zend_Tool_Framework_Metadata_Dynamic contains 3 abstract methods and must therefore be declared abstract or implement the remaining methods (Zend_Tool_Framework_Metadata_Interface::getType, Zend_Tool_Framework_Metadata_Interface::getName, Zend_Tool_Framework_Metadata_Interface::getValue) in /srv/myapp/trunk/lib/Zend/Tool/Framework/Metadata/Dynamic.php on line 107

Class is missing methods listed in its interface.


Ralph, how such error could have not been detected in release code? Two weeks ago there was include error in the same file (ZF-6499).

This is really poor code, since such errors can be very easily detected.

I think the 3 methods would be better to exists in Zend_Tool_Framework_Metadata_Interface.

and maybe I could work on it :)

This was fixed in r17483, and has been in 1.9 release.