ZF-6907: Wrong file include when calling the magic method of Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract


See example 15.143.…

The magic method "findBugsByEngineer();" calls the "findDependentRowset()" method and passes the class name as string. This wil attempt to include the file "Bugs.php" with class "Bugs"

But when using the resource autoloader, our db tables become prefixed with something like "My_Model_DbTable_".

So when you call "findMy_Model_DbTable_BugsByEngineer();" it will include the right file and class.


When you use the "findBy()" methods, the dependent table noted must be the full class name as Zend_Db_Table_Row_Abstract does not implement a plugin loader. This is why the last example works but your first does not.

A slightly more readable syntax for those times you have long names is to use findDependentRowset() with the explicit class name and rule.

Marking as won't fix as the component is behaving entirely as designed.