ZF-6918: Link annotations



Is this regarding the ability to add internal links to other points in the document? If so I agree that it's urgent.

I've had a look at how to implement them but the structure of Zend_Pdf is pretty complicated. If someone could advise me on how it works I'd probably be willing to implement this feature

Yes. That's internal links.

Done :)

PS It may have additional features for links decorating (e.g. border style and so on), please add new issue (feature request) for this if you see it's important

Thanks for implementing this feature, I'm sure many people will find it useful!

I don't have a specific need for things like border styling and I think there are probably higher priority feature requests :)

Does this update support external (hyper)links? That's more useful than styling for sure.

How can I change rectangle style in link annotation?