ZF-6946: Add Config functionality


Please add setConfig(Zend_Config $config) & setOptions(array $options) functionality to Zend_Log & Zend_Log_Writer_Abstract.


I believe this will be addressed as part of the Zend_Log factory proposal. I'll confirm once I have an ETA on when that component will be complete.

I've looked over the proposal and have two issues:

  1. It looks dead/dormant/inactive.
  2. We shouldn't slide down the slippery-slope of factory-itis.

The developer has assured me he will be completing it this month. One of the requirements was that it allow passing a config object or array to the constructor in order to perform the factory mechanism (since the specific goal is instantiating the appropriate log writers and/or filters for a given instance).

Zend_Log::factory() is completed now. Method setOptions does not exist, but the functionality is here.