ZF-6981: Tabcontainer doesn't render correctly with jQuery-UI 1.7.X


According to Tabs example at…

the result HTML is:

Estes es el contenido1
Estes es el contenido2
Estes es el contenido3
Estes es el contenido4

The correct HTML must be:

Estes es el contenido1
Estes es el contenido2.
Estes es el contenido3.



This is a duplicate and is fixed in trunk and will be fixed in the next 1.8 bugfix release

Ups, sorry. I forgot to look into "In Progress" tasks.


Forgot to say that I'm using rev. 15995 from… and it doesn't work.

Can you post:



1.7.2, but if I load the 1.7.1 version, the result is the same. I obtain same image as in ZF-5666.


I missplaced the issue sorry, you are right this is not working correctly. I will look into it!

Please, close this issue.

I was testing today to see if I can help and everything is working now. Css wasn't loading correctly the first time (doubled checked path :S).