ZF-7002: Zend_Application_Resource_Modules class_exists shouldn't try to load bootstrap class


On line 71, Zend_Application_Resource_Modules checks if the bootstrap class for a specific module is loaded using class_exists. However, the second argument for class_exists isn't set to false. The result is that the autoloader will try to load the bootstrap class automatically. This is not desirable if you don't want to create a bootstrap class for your modules. Also, the resource seems to already be setup to try and load the class if it's not loaded already. Suggested fix:




Resolved in r16155 and merged to release-1.8 in r16156

I think this partially solves ZF-6658.

Maybe same problem with class_exists is in ZF-6672, can you please reassign and fix ZF-6672 also?

This fixes ZF-6707 also.