ZF-7012: Ability to add a title to a menu


It would be great, if while creating a container will be possible to specify a title to a menu. For instance let's take the code from docs:

 * Create a container from an array
 * Each element in the array will be passed to
 * Zend_Navigation_Page::factory() when constructing.
$container = new Zend_Navigation(
'title'=>'My Login Menu',
'content=> array(
        'label' => 'Page 1',
        'id' => 'home-link'
        'label' => 'Zend',
        'uri' => '',
        'order' => 100

which will output for example

My Login Menu

FirstPage> second Page


I don't think the requested feature simplifies things at all. As I see it, it's much easier to manually write the desired markup around the menu, typically with your h4 tag and a div, or something. If titles were to be handled in the helper, we'd have to make a decision on the markup (h3, h4, h5, div or not, etc), which would be unsatisfactory for a lot of users, no matter what the outcome is.

How to "package" the menu with markup is in fact a perfect layout task.

Closing this now.