ZF-7033: Zend_Service_Amazon has until Auguest 15, 2009 to authenticate requests with HMAC-SHA256 of the secret key


You have until August 15, 2009 to authenticate requests sent to the Product Advertising API. After August 15, 2009, messages that aren't authenticated will be denied.

The current interface $amazon = new Zend_Service_Amazon($appId, $countryCode); should be like $amazon = new Zend_Service_Amazon($appId, $countryCode, $appSecretKey);


this should help

i confirm the problem,

In order to do this evolution:

  • add a new parameters with the secret key
  • modify the _prepareOptions L194 in Zend/Service/Amazon.php

I'll look into it for 1.9

Fixed, will be included in 1.9 release

I've been checking out the (supposedly feature-frozen) 1.9 beta, and have noticed that some of the Amazon APIs are authenticating requests, but that the obvious Zend_Service_Amazon class itself is not. I see the changes in the trunk, however. Are these not to be included in the final 1.9 release after all? Did we miss the feature-freeze?

hm, thats not true. i merged it into 1.9 release branch, see yourself…

Ah, I see. I was (erroneously, I guess) looking here, at the 1.9.0 beta 1 release tag:…

Thanks for your work, however! It's much appreciated!

Maybe I misunderstood the Amazon API but since today I receive errors on every 5th request, as they started to reject randomly unsinged request to test the new singature. After analysing the funciton "_prepareOptions" I found out the options are sorted alphabetically but not the option "signature" which will be added afterwards. Since I added "ksort($options);" again, there are no more errors!?…