ZF-7044: Zend_Json_Client?


I was looking for an HTTP based JSON-RPC client that easily hooked into Zend_Json_Server. At first, I thought it might already be included as part of Zend_Http_Client, but I couldn't find anything specifically for it. The core of it seems trivial in nature, though I'd suspect one would want the same results as Zend_Soap_Client and Zend_Rest_Client.

I have attached an example of Zend_Json_Client. Pretty bare bones stuff which relies on __call(), Zend_Json, and Zend_Http_Client to accomplish simple tasks such as:

$client = new Zend_Json_Client($jsonRpcUri); $result = $client->getSqrt(9.0); echo $result; // 3.0

I apologize if this has already been done elsewhere and my research missed it. I just thought it would be nice to have a JSON-RPC as a local interface experience.


Example of what Zend_Json_Client could be.

This has been brought up before by others, actually. That said... it really needs a full formal proposal as it's a fairly large new feature. If you would like to spear-head this feature, please take a look at our proposal process and submit! :)

Ok, I'll give it a shot over the next few weeks.