ZF-7061: Zend_Application_Resource_View needs support for custom views (public setView function could be useful)



I'm using a custom smarty view class that I init in Bootstrap.php by _initView() hooked function. So long I get it work fine by not using the view resource plugin.

But by starting to use menu navigation helper I run into a trap. That helper tries to access the view by the View Resource that hadn't been used by me.

It would be very nice and useful to get support for custom views. As workaround a public setView() function could be helpful to get getView() calls from "outside" supported. So custom View objected could be injected after initializing in Bootstrap's _initX() functions.

related issue from navigation view helper:

best regards, marco


This isssue is a duplicate. I will fix the duplicated issue within a few days (at least partially).