ZF-7083: trying to fetchAll with fulltext search will end in a null result


If i try to fetch my table questions with column keywords which has fulltext index like this:

bq. $result = $this->fetchAll(array("MATCH (keywords) AGAINST (? IN BOOLEAN MODE)" => $string));

firebug says:

bq. SELECT questions.* FROM questions WHERE (MATCH (keywords) AGAINST ('+blöd du +bist' IN BOOLEAN MODE))

This is the right syntax but i'm getting no result. If i copy this statement in mysql-querybrowser one result will be displayed.


ZF doesn't alter your query at all. I guess you'd have to debug this one yourself (probably in order to discover you actually do something wrong yourself).

Closing this issue as cannot reproduce. Please provide a testcase which proves the 'bug' (which I promise you, is not there).