ZF-7084: Zend_soap_client_DotNet ; _preProcessArguments > Wrong request


function returns

    // Do nothing
    return array($arguments);

but should return // Do nothing return $arguments;

It causes error in preparing requests. Input parameters are not included. When I patch code with return $arguments, it is processed well and request is completelly generated.

Client_DotNet code:

$input = new StdClass(); $input->username= $username; $result = $client->GetBEUser(array("input" => $input));


I would like to confirm this issue as well since I just attempted to work with a .NET web service.

Until the issue is fixed you can 'patch' your application by overriding the class with your own temporarily as follows:

class My_Soap_Client_DotNet extends Zend_Soap_Client_DotNet { public function _preProcessArguments($arguments) { $arguments = parent::_preProcessArguments($arguments); return $arguments[0]; } }

Fixed in trunk r18235 and in 1.9-release branch (r18236).