ZF-7095: Zend_Application_Resource_Modules Example is wrong


The Example (4.4) under 4.6.3 Zend_Application_Resource_Modules describes how to set some extra configuration per module. In the example the layout is set for the news module:```` The example gives the impression that you can set up things like layout and db per module, but as I pointed out in ZF-7089, module resources will always overwrite the default resources.

After Matthew's explanation in ZF-7089, I understand that this is expected behaviour. Module bootstraps are always loaded, for instance to set up routes prior to dispatch. They should not be used for setting up per-module resources.

I think the documentation should reflect this.


You can load module-specific resources. As noted, however, perhaps using "layout" as an example in the manual was a bad idea. For cases where the application bootstrap has already defined the resource, you should define a new resource in order to prevent collisions.

I'll update the documentation accordingly.

Removed the layout key from the examples; will release with 1.9.2.