ZF-7098: Folder name wrong while creating MultiCaps controller using


:~/Sample> create controller MainBoard Creating a controller at /home/Sample/application/controllers/MainBoardController.php Creating an index action method in controller MainBoard Creating a view script for the index action method at /home/Sample/application/views/scripts/MainBoard/index.phtml Creating a controller test file at /home/Sample/tests/application/controllers/MainBoardControllerTest.php Updating project profile '/home/Sample/.zfproject.xml'

When I try to access MainBoard Controller using url http://localhost/main-board I get error script 'main-board/index.phtml' not found in path (/home/Sample/tests/application/views/scripts/)

When ever it found latter in caps accept first it should put - before that. so here it must create folder main-board instead of MainBoard


Fixed in r18629 in incubator. Will be included in 1.10 release.