ZF-7126: Docs incorrectly claim Zend Mail has setReplyTo method.


As the summary says, there's no setReplyTo in 1.8.3 or 1.8.4 despite claims by the documentation here claiming otherwise:…

The function should be added in, as noted in this bug report:


I find the document for setReplyTo method in… .

I think it would be released at next minor release as same as ZF-6872.

While the function SHOULD have been added to 1.8.4 (released 10 days after the comment was added that says it would appear in the next minor release) it did not and the documentation is incorrect. Publishing documentation for a future version of a library as documentation for the current version isn't a good idea. Regardless of when the function will be added, the documentation should be modified to reflect that it is not an available function, at least with any current release. Has the Zend Framework team learned nothing from the PHP documentation that publishes quite clearly what functions work with what version of the software?

Correction: I failed to put 2 and 2 together. Long day and I didn't realize I was confusing minor with maintenance, so it's understood that the function won't appear until 1.9. The documentation should still reflect that, though, by indicating either that the function doesn't exist in a current release or that it is available starting with 1.9.

As far as I can see, setReplayTo() has still not been added in version 1.11.10.

I can not verify your comment.

Within 1.11.10 this method exists (svn and download checked), and also within the online manual (which is build upon this release) the description of this method exists.

You should probably reinstall your release of ZF as you seem to have a broken file.

Sorry for the trouble, my bad.