ZF-7158: No automatic creation of Zend_Application_Module_Autoloader for default module


From the documentation {quote} When using module bootstraps with Zend_Application, an instance of Zend_Application_Module_Autoloader will be created by default for each discrete module, allowing you to autoload module resources. {quote}

Is there any reason this doesn't apply to the "default" module?

Either the documentation needs to be updated to exclude the default module or the default module autoloader should be automatically created.

On a related note, is it standard fare to prefix default module models / forms / acls / etc class names with "Default_"? The documentation seems lacking with respect to the default module and its resources.


ZF-6803 resolves this issue.

If you define your default module bootstrap using Zend_Application_Module_Bootstrap, and place it in a directory named 'default', then yes, you should prefix your various module resources with the verbiage 'Default_'. In most cases, and all examples in the ZF manual, the default module is also the home of the application bootstrap, and as such, this is something you need to define for yourself (i.e., whether you want your default module resources prefixed, and if so, with what prefix).