ZF-7180: Zend_Captcha validation messages are not static which makes them harder to translate


I use one translate adapter for all my forms, but cannot seem to translate the captcha error messages.

For example, it's really easy to be able to define

Zend_Validate_NotEmpty::IS_EMPTY => 'Some localized errormessage'

but this seems impossible with the current CAPTCHA adapter.


I'm not sure I understand the problem... Captcha adapters do have message templates, e.g. recaptcha:

protected $_messageTemplates = array(
    self::MISSING_VALUE => 'Missing captcha fields',
    self::ERR_CAPTCHA   => 'Failed to validate captcha',
    self::BAD_CAPTCHA   => 'Captcha value is wrong: %value%',

vs. NotEmpty

protected $_messageTemplates = array(
    self::IS_EMPTY => "Value is required and can't be empty",
    self::INVALID  => "Invalid type given, value should be float, string, array, boolean or integer",

So what exactly is missing for you there?

The problem not clear, please reopen with clarification if needed.