ZF-7204: Create link that always redirects to the latest download package


Please create a central link (i.e. ) that always redirects (or symlinks) to the latest Zend Framework release package. This way, third parties could create installers or deployment processes that can point to one location to download the most recent release package.


I will talk with Zend management to see if this is a feature we can implement.

There's a url available from which you can retrieve the latest stable release of ZF. By using this url, you don't have to download all of ZF first, which seems to me as an advantage over having to download the entire package each and every time. Therefore I'm closing this one as a duplicate

Url is:

Edit; please see Matthew's comment. Will leave up to him (that means I'm not closing it ;))

Actually, the API version is not the same thing as a link to the latest downloadable package.

Per our discussion on IRC, perhaps another REST API method for retrieving the URL to the latest downloadable package might solve this.

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Feel free to re-open and provide a patch if you want to fix this issue.