ZF-7216: inner join on multiple tables


I am new to zend framework and trying to use Zend_Db

below code i wrote for acl. I have XAMPP

public function _construct() { $this->acl = new Zend_Acl(); $config = new Zend_Config_Ini(path/to/ini); $this->db = Zend_Db:$config->database-<adapter,$config->database->params); }

public function setResources() { $result = $this->db->query("select tbl1.fld1, tbl2.fld2, tbl3.fld3 from tbl1 inner join tbl2 on tbl1.fld1=tbl2.fld2 inner join tbl3 on tbl2.fld2=tbl3.fld3"); while($row = $result->fetchObject()) { echo $row->fld1; }

I have wrote query in other way as follows as well.

$select = $this->db->select() ->from(array('a'=>'tbla1')) ->join(array('b'=>'tbl2'),'a.fld1=b.fld2') ->join(array('c'=>'tbl3'),'b.fld2=c.fld3');

$stmt = $this->db->query($select); $result = $stmt->fetchAll();

I get Apache HTTP Server error window which says "Apache HTTP Server has encountered a problem and need to close."


this is error window which i get

Can you please provide your schema and a minimal reproduction script to demonstrate the issue. Please see… for details on how to write a good reproduction script.

This issue is over a year old, and no reproduce code has been presented as requested, so I am closing as Cannot Reproduce.