ZF-7315: Review phpDoc for API documentation generation


Review phpDoc for API documentation generation.

Is the @const tag allowed?

Is the contruction:

     * Plugin loader type constants
    const ELEMENT = 'ELEMENT';

allowed? only for constant ?


Made SVN16865 for Zend_Cache_Backend_ZendServer before opening this issue

@const is not a supported PhpDocumentor tag.

I know but there are some occurences (for example Zend_Dojo ;) ). Do we remove them? I didn't found the information in coding standards.

Yes -- we should remove them or replace them with @var.

A quick search showed me that @const is still being used 25 times in 22 files. Should these be removed or renamed to @var? I also noticed that 2 occurrences in Zend_Translate_Adapter are defined as follows;

* @constant integer

These occurrences are on lines 70 and 76