ZF-7318: Zend_Mail has an error when you use the method send, while within the 1.84pl framework


I'm using the Zend Studio 7 Beta with the patch 1.8.4 version of the framework. I made and attempt to send an email via Zend_Mail but Application error shows up instead. Now while debugging what portion of the code is causing the problem I found that the error is caused when the method send is used.

The following is the code I used to send the mail

$zm = new Zend_Mail();
$zm->setBodyHtml('<b>Test info</b>');
$zm->addTo('', 'Testing');


Maybe it's a good idea to remove the email addresses from your issue due to spam?

Also, what's the exception you get?

Application error is all i'm getting.

If you get an application error it's most likely an error in your application, not zend_mail. I just tested the code and I was given no error whatsoever.

Closing as cannot reproduce.

The Error very well be in my setup of the application. I used both the command line to build the project as well as use Zend Studio 7.0 to create a zend project. The only change was crating a new Controller and view script. Then adding the code above.