ZF-7334: PHP 5.3 compatibility for Zend_Cache_Backend_File stil not fixed 100%


Error suppression works in a production environment, but my development environment does not suppress errors/notices and this problem still persists.

Please fix this, it should not use a deprecated function.

Thank you for your work!


Can you please specify where something is not working correctly? Example code or something similar would be very cool. :)

From looking at the original issue, I would think this used to occur in the _fileGetContents() function of Zend_Cache_Backend_File. However, when looking in trunk as well as release-1.9, I saw no more use of get/set_magic_quotes* or any checks regarding those functions.

So might be an old version of ZF.

Can you check the Zend_Version class, there should be a version number for your ZF release.

this was fixed by matthew in r17028 (ZF-7375)