ZF-7351: Zend_Reflection_Docblock_Tag has problems with @deprecated without whitespace at the end.


There are several regular expressions like #^@(\w+)\s#. All of them assume that there is a whitespace after the tag, throwing an exception otherwise. It also seems that the abstraction of docblocks is not working properly when meeting unknown tags or when certain tags like @param are missing. I don't know how to handle missing tags if it is not possible to generate them into the "broken" classes and interfaces.


The priority of this issue was changed to "N/A - Not Applicable". I don't understand this priority :) Does this mean the issue will not be solved?

(That was a bulk update to ensure that I can look at the issues, the change was described on the mailing list)

Changed to "Trivial" fix, "Nice To Have" in the "Next Mini Release"

Maybe I could work on it :)

I've fixed this as part of ZF-6726. (See the new test case for @emptyTag in _TagTest.php)

This should be fixed with revision 18072. (Please review.)

Fixed as part of ZF-6726