ZF-7362: When performing a remote WSDL request throught Zend_Soap_Client, script hangs until timeout is received.


How to reproduce: * Remote Web Service written in Java with JAX-WS. * WSDL accesible through: http://localhost/WS/exampleWS?wsdl * Accesed from PHP by: $client = new Zend_Soap_Client("http://localhost/WS/exampleWS?wsdl");

Once the timeout is achieved, the wsdl is succesfully cached and everything works ok. But the first call is unacceptable, as timeout is no more an option in Zend_Soap_Client.

It seems like the reason could be related to the HTTP protocol used, as JAX-WS always returns an HTTP1.1 response, eventhought PHP seems to send an HTTP1.0 request. Could it be possible to force the HTTP1.1 protocol from Zend_Soap_Client?? or is it a PHP related issue??


It seems it could be related to this ┬┐fixed? PHP bug:

I will take a look as soon as i have time to give a chance to PHP 5.3

Sorry, it definitely is a PHP bug. I updated to PHP5.3 and everything works OK. You can close this issue. Sorry :S