ZF-7388: Not all code samples in quickstart have the <?php



The complete application/models/GuestbookMapper.php code sample does not have the <?php

The same goes to application/models/Guestbook.php

But in the… the application/forms/Guestbook.php has

Although it's trivial it is in a non consistent way.


Just as side-note:

<?php is not allowed for code examples. The manual should not have <?php tags at all.

This is resolved for the 1.10 release, when the quickstart will be in the manual itself. In the manual, opening and closing tags are not used unless showing mixed HTML/PHP samples.


In the (ZF1.10) page…

the code for application/layouts/scripts/layout.phtml contains mixed html/php and doesn't have the opening <?php

@fisharebest: this is already corrected in current trunk, and will release with 1.10.1.