ZF-7420: Remove string length check from twitter messages


Having a url in your message may make the message longer than 140 characters, which throws an error, but twitter will shorten the URL, so maybe it's best to leave it up to them to deal with the length of the string.


Does twitter have an API for sending a message over for potential shortening before committing? How do other libraries handle this? Wouldn't you get an error/exception from the service if its over 140? It seems like it would be sufficient perhaps?

I don't believe that the api will shorten the url. I know the web interface does but that could be their own doing on their front end code. According to the documentation here:… they just forceably truncate the status if it's over 140 characters.

Added to r18251:

Increased initial limit to 246 characters based on: a) Maximum count displayable from a non-truncated status b) Counts characters when status is a UTF-8 html encoded string (entities chars are included in count) c) Statuses over 140 characters are still worth avoiding, there is no guarantee a client will link the web status page showing the untruncated message.