ZF-7425: Copyright line causes coding standard warning


The copyright line (in docblocks) is over 80 characters long, which is a violation of Zend Coding Standard B.2.3, and causes a warning.

According to ZF-507, the copyright line was changed to "Copyright (c) 2005-2009 Zend Technologies USA Inc. ("

This warning can be removed in all files if the the copyright lines was changed to "2005-2009 Zend Technologies USA Inc. (". This copyright line is actually more consistent with the example copyright lines found in the PEAR coding standard documentation and the Zend coding standard documentation. See B.4.7.2 and B.4.7.3 where the copyright docblock value begins with the year.

In addition, the text "Copyright (c)" seems redundant and unncessary in the copyright value.


This doesnt appear to be an issue. The max line length is 120 as stated in B.2.3…