ZF-7436: Zend_Pdf_Page has fatal errors when used due to bad dependencies


If Zend_Pdf_Page is used on its own (e.g. to access Zend_Pdf_Page::SIZE_A4), a fatal error occurs:

This is solved, for me, by either:

1) Stripping all require_once's and relying on autoloader (good for performance, but this is not the way most people will use it in the beginning, or necessarily on their development servers)

2) Adding the following line at the top of Zend_Pdf_Page *before* other require statements:

/** Zend_Pdf_Font */ require_once 'Zend/Pdf/Font.php'; ```

3) Using Zend_Pdf before accessing the constants of Zend_Pdf_Page (not ideal)

Since I rely on autoloading, I'm not fully sure if my solution #2 would solve the issue in all cases, but I think trying to fix the underlying problem would be a good idea.


Solution #2 works for me (ZF 1.9.4)

Do you have any code to reproduce this issue?

Sure, just call:


at the top of any view script before you've accessed Zend_Pdf