ZF-7454: Timezone and Zend_Date


I found a problem with Zend_Date and date_default_timezone_set php's function.

Here the code:

<?php require 'Zend/Date.php'; date_default_timezone_set("Europe/Rome"); $date = "23/05/2010"; if ( Zend_Date::isDate($date, "", "it_IT") ) { echo "Date is correct"; } else { echo "Date is not correct"; } echo "\n"; ?>

Now, if I remove the line date_default_timezone_set("Europe/Rome"); or if I change the date (es 24/05/2010) the problem disappear. I also can resolve the problem if I change timezone, for example if I use Europe/Berlin


Fixed with r17610.

Note: The problem is not the timezone set function. The problem was that you checked a date without giving a time by setting a invalid format ("" - empty string) at DST change.