ZF-7470: Zend_Json_Server needs to support classpaths like in Zend_Amf_Service


Hi all,

I want to make a central service that can be used by Zend_Amf_Server and Zend_Json_Server and keep using classpaths like in Zend_Amf_Server.

I found out that this can't be done because they are both treated different. A service class for Amf can be named anything, but a Json service class axpects the Zend coding standard classpath in its classname.

for example with Amf: example/test/Calculator.php with classname Calculator can be loaded by "example_test_Caculator" but with Json: example/test/Calculator.php with classname example_test_Calculator can be loaded by "example_test_Caculator"

See the difference? I can't cross use them. Why isn't the behavior and functionality of these 2 components the same?


The "classpath" functionality of Zend_Amf comes from its roots in AMFPHP. Zend_Amf, however, is a late addition to ZF -- all the other server components pre-date it.

At this time, we have no plans to add this functionality. If you want to see it, you will need to do one of the following: * extend Zend_Json_Server to add the functionality * create a proposal in the proposal system detailing the functionality, and detailing how it would be added to each of the existing servers (the assumption here is that you would be coding it or working with another developer to ensure it gets coded).

I am closing this issue as "won't fix" at this time, but that is not to be taken as a future rejection of such a proposal.