ZF-7489: Float validator, assigned to text element via ini config, created in a way so that it is not locale-aware


Element.php, line 2000 {quote}$instance = new $name;{quote}

This way Zenf_Validator_Float::__construct gets no locale passed and failes validations for i18n numbers.


No bug of Zend_Form. Simply give the option when adding the validator:

Example: ```

Form definition stored in INI, and locale stored in registry in Zend_Locale key.…

says {quote} Since Zend Framework 1.8 this validator takes into account the actual locale from browser, environment or application wide set locale. {quote}

So I expect it to work without any form element manipulations in actions.

No, this feature was reverted with 1.9 as many people had problems with this automatism.

reverting is cool, keep doing this way :)

Fixed with r17798