ZF-7513: Wrong error message for certain validators


Symptoms: - unexpected error messages from certain validators.

Example: Zend_Validate_Regex has two errors: INVALID en NOT_MATCH. When the preg_match condition fails it returns the INVALID error and not the expected NOT_MATCH error. Resulting validation error message is "Invalid type given, value should be string, integer or float".

Cause of the problem: - some validators call function _error() of Zend_Validate_Abstract without parameters to indicate the validation condition has failed. - function Zend_Validate_Abstract::_error() without parameters takes the first message key from the $this->_messageTemplates array as 'the default error'. - the default error depends on the order of errors in the messageTemplates array, which is not necessarily always correct.

Affected validators with unexpected validation errors: - Zend_Validate_Regex - Zend_Validate_Hex - Zend_Validate_Float - Zend_Validate_Int - Zend_Validate_Ip

A number of other validators use the same technique but have only a single message: - Zend_Validate_GreaterThan - Zend_Validate_InArray - Zend_Validate_LessThan - Zend_Validate_Sitemap_Changefreq Which will probably cause problems when extending (and adding more messages).

Suggested solution: - always explicitly set the error key.


Fixed with r17469