ZF-7555: testIsExpired(Zend_Http_CookieTest) unit tests failure


{panel} 2) testIsExpired(Zend_Http_CookieTest) with data set #0 ('cookie=foo;;expires=Monday, 10-Aug-09 19:08:16 UTC', false) Failed asserting that matches expected value . {panel}


Problem doesn't appear if Zend_Http_Cookie tests runs separately. So the problem is caused by some other test.

This happens because (surprisingly) phpUnit runs the static dataProvider method before running the actual test method - probably at the beginning of the test case.

The code there tests a cookie which is 15 seconds in the future - if running the tests is very slow, and it takes more than 15 seconds between running the dataProvider function and running the test, the test will fail.

I will increase this to 12 hours in the future instead of 15 seconds - I assume this should be enough.

Fixed in trunk rev. 17555 - still need to merge to release branch

Merged to 1.9 branch in rev. 17556