ZF-7620: I'm getting wrong image's url while upload image to picasa album


Here is a piece of code to get the url of uploaded image:

$insertedEntry = $gp->insertPhotoEntry($photoEntry, $albumQuery->getQueryUrl()); $mediaContentArray = $insertedEntry->getMediaGroup()->getContent(); $contentUrl = $mediaContentArray[0]->getUrl();

The real path of image is "" But the $contentUrl is ""

Seems like these urls have been changed some time ago, because earlier I got real urls with my script.


It looks like the only difference between the URLs is the s640, which specifies the size of the image to return.

If you set the imgmax query parameter to "640", I believe it should modify the URL to include this.

See the documentation on the imgmax query parameter here:…

Thanks for your help, Trevor.