ZF-7662: Zend_Locale_Data - Missing ldml.dtd and ldmlSupplemental.dtd


I noticed that when Eclipse finished validating the /library/Zend folder it had several warnings for the /library/Zend/Locale/Data folder. I looked a bit further and found that the xml DOCTYPE references are all referring to a folder and files that didn't exist in the full 1.9.1 (may apply to other versions as well) release I downloaded ... /../common/dtd/ and then to either" rel="nofollow">ldml.dtd or" rel="nofollow">ldmlSupplemental.dtd.

Would it make sense to include the dtd files with the distribution in /library/Zend/common/dtd/ or change the xml DOCTYPE reference to the dtd urls?



The dtd files are too large to be integrated and they are not needed for proper working.

Additionally we are not allowed to change the source files which we are distributing (except stripping comments).

What is the proper work around for getting those files in then?

Surely you don't leave eclipse with 475 warnings by default leaving you to sift through them when a warning you care about comes up

I tried adding the 1.7.2 dtd files but they errored, which version is zend basing the local off of?

In my developer environment I ended up adding a folder for the dtd's at the root level of the Zend folder and added the dtd files; Eclipse no longer displayed the warnings.


ldml.dtd 68K ( ldmlSupplemental.dtd 24K (…)

BTW: Before copying the dtd's from I had to make sure FF was set to utf-8 character encoding. For some reason the server was not serving the dtd's as utf-8 but as iso-8859-1.

... no changes to the /Zend/Locale/Data/ XML files.