ZF-7667: Big integers of tweet ids are breaking the since_id parameter


A few weeks ago the ids of tweets got bigger than 2^32. The problem is that the since_id parameter (e.g. in statusFriendsTimeline) is converted to int. But there's no support in PHP for integers of that size. Maybe we should simply use strings and check if the string only contains digits.


That sounds like a good plan. I'll take a look into a patch in the next few days.

This bug is actually a duplicate of ZF-7122, however it is still not fixed as stated there.

This has been resolved with r18099 and merged into the release branch with r18100.

This change changed the userShow functionality - it now only accepts integer user_id as the parameter, not id or screen name as the docblock and previous functionality states.

friendshipCreate/Destroy/Exists are similarly affected.

If this is a new issue - submit it as a new issue. Otherwise re-open the issue. If it remains marked resolved, it will not get any attention. (I just noticed this from an IRC notice only)