ZF-7702: E-Mail is sent to Reply-To if given


Adding a reply-to address (via setReplyTo()) and sending the mail results in sending the mail to the given address additionaly to TO/CC/BCC.


The setReplyTo() function uses _addRecipientAndHeader, but should work like setFrom(), where only the header is set.

This is the first patch I make, so I hope it's a good one.

The patch fixes the the Reply-To header functions. It's acting like the ReturnPath functions.

Are you doing this on windows and using the Sendmail Transport.

I am, but this has nothing to do with the fact that the Reply-To address is added to the receivers list, I think.

I'm experiencing same bug with SMTP under Linux! The Reply-To address must not be added to the list of recipients, but just to the headers.

Issue fixed. Thank you for reporting.

Thank you, Dolf. And I add some fix at trunk SVN r18566: 1) from tab code to 4 spaces. 2) from $name = $this->_filterEmail($name); to $name = $this->_filterName($name);

Was the patch useful? Just to know if I should create other patches in the future...

Patches are always usefull.

Even if te committer does not use it, he will always look at your sugestion and become an much better idea of what your problem and solution is.

It also gives you a better understanding of the framework.

And when you also add unittests to your patch, then the committer can use it completly without changes.

Yes, the patch certainly was useful as I hardly know anything about Zend_Mail (I did use it once though!). For some reason however your patch was pretty mangled up by which it was hard to see what actually did change, that is why I only used it as a reference. So please; do attach a patch too in future where possible, it is always appreciated!

This issue still exists as of v1.9.6. Seems like the patch never made it in.

Hi, Michael, It seems that possibly you might misunderstand about the Next Minor Release, for me.

the Next Minor Release means not 1.9.x but 1.10.0 . I hope this comment could help you. ;-)