ZF-7713: Autoloader-related regression in Zend_Application_Bootstrap_BootstrapAbstract


Autoloader-related bug ZF-7224 that was fixed in 1.9.1 was later re-introduced in 1.9.2 with changeset 17801. Please re-apply patch from ZF-7224 to fix this.


We have conflicting issues and use cases happening.

On the one side, if you cannot autoload the resource, you probably don't want include warnings. However, if we don't allow autoloading, then we run into issues where documented use cases fail.

I think at this point, the onus is on the developer to properly setup their autoloader and bootstrapping environment.

We already have several ways you can avoid this: * Don't use the autoloader as a fallback autoloader. Register your class namespaces with the default autoloader. * If you must use the autoloader as a fallback autoloader, you can suppress warnings on it (setSuppressWarnings(true)) * Use the full class name of an autoloadable resource when specifying the resource * Setup prefix paths in your autoloader that mirror autoloadable resources