ZF-7718: Fix Controller Name Created By ZF Tool With Module Layout


I have try zf tool to create project layout with modules. And when I create controller use it, I must edit the controller name according to the module. Ex:

$ zf create controller user index-action-included=1 admin

The command above will produce a controller in admin module with class name UserController. When access the controller, it will return error, because the controller name is not match with controller name that ZF suggest for modular project. The suggest controller name from ZF is Module_ControllerName (Admin_UserController).

And for this, I have made a patch for this case.


Here the patch and excecute it on Zend Directory

Zend$ patch -p0 < zend-tool.patch

The patch resolve this problem

The patch before is created from 1.9.1 release

Here I attach the patch for the trunk

The patch can resolve this problem. I made it from revision 18211