ZF-7751: Add support for extended fault codes


Currently when an exception with the code, e.g. {{123}} is thrown, it's converted to the {{Receiver}} fault code, since SOAP allows only a set of base faults: (Receiver, Sender, Server, MustUnderstand, VersionMismatch, DataEncodingUnknown).

However, SOAP also supports extending those base faults with your own codes. By using the {{.}} (dot) as a separator.

It would be nice if the server can support this standard notation.

Note: The challenge, which I think should be tackled in a separate issue once this is done, is to how to convert exception codes (Integers) to an extended fault. One way which we currently use is to throw {{My_Soap_Fault}} instead of SoapFault, and {{My_Soap_Fault}} is has a set of rules which it uses to convert an exception code, e.g. {{123}} to {{Sender.123}}, but {{789}} to {{Receiver.789}}.


This sounds good, however i have to think about the API

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