ZF-7754: Implement a soap client which speaks to a local soap server


I think a very nice and important feature would be to add e.g. {{Zend_Soap_Client_Local}} which would be used for speaking to a local {{Zend_Soap_Server}}.

The use case for that is Unit Testing. If you have a Webservice you would like to unit-test, you would want to speak to it which happens through HTTP, but given the CLI environment of unit tests execution, this won't be straight forward, IMHO the solution to that is the hereby suggested {{Zend_Soap_Client_Local}} which can speak to an instance of {{Zend_Soap_Server}} directly.

In, "Example #1 SoapClient::__doRequest() example" is pretty similar:…


This functionality is already implemented:

Use the class: Zend_Soap_Client_Local