ZF-7773: S3 getObjectsByBucket() method needs to accept a $params variable


The S3 component needs to allow additional paramters when you are fetching objects by bucket.

Current ones that are supported are:

prefix - Limits the response to keys which begin with the indicated prefix. You can use prefixes to separate a bucket into different sets of keys in a way similar to how a file system uses folders.

marker - Indicates where in the bucket to begin listing. The list will only include keys that occur lexicographically after marker. This is convenient for pagination: To get the next page of results use the last key of the current page as the marker.

max-keys - The maximum number of keys you'd like to see in the response body. The server might return fewer than this many keys, but will not return more.

delimiter - Causes keys that contain the same string between the prefix and the first occurrence of the delimiter to be rolled up into a single result element in the CommonPrefixes collection. These rolled-up keys are not returned elsewhere in the response.


Assigning to Jon

Oops -- meant to assign to Stas.

You may now pass an optional $params array to getObjectsByBucket().