ZF-7832: Zend_Service_Amazon_Ec2_Securitygroups only returns one IP address per port/range


The describe() method returns the details of the security group, but it only returns one IP address per port. For example, if I've locked down port 80 so that only two specific IP addresses can access that port (my laptop and my iPhone, for example), describe() only returns one of the addresses. The address returned seems to be the last one I assigned to the group for that port or range. If I display the security group in the AWS Web console, I can see them all. I can't tell from the AWS documentation if this is a limitation in what Amazon returns or if it's a bug in Zend. The PHP source looks correct, fwiw.


This was indeed a bug. I was only returning the last ip address. This is now resolved and merged into the 1.9 release branch.