ZF-7873: Docs for Zend_Date constants is misleading


Docs for Zend_Date constants is misleading <…>, for example:

"Table 14.11. Year Constants" on the page linked above reads:

Constant: Zend_Date::YEAR description: Year (number) Date: 2009-02-06T14:53:27+01:00 Result: 2009-02-06T14:53:27+01:00

First of all the result is "2009" only. After longer staring some people may notice slight italics applied to "2009" part of the current "result" but it does not change the fact that as this is technical docs result shall be exact one ("2009") not anything close. This applies to many other constants on that page as well, i.e. Zend_Date::DAY which, even worse is shown with boldface, italics and result in brackets. If I understand corectly, this is to point which one day is (in case US/EU users get confiused). If so, I filled another bug report how to solve this case: ZF-7872


Changed as part of r18326